People with disabilities, seniors, and others often need positive behavior support to help them live independently. When individuals reach their early 20s, new choices often must be made as they leave the school system and its behavioral support services.

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, our mission and vision are to support individual choice in the Philadelphia metro and eastern Pennsylvania area. We strongly believe people who need home care services should have the opportunity to choose their caregivers. That’s why we welcome new caregivers and the people for whom they already provide services, as well as those searching for new home care options and careers.

Find an Organization that Understands Disabilities

Students who have aged out of the school system and their families face many changes and choices. Whether assistance is required in the family home, an independent living situation, or to help as the student approaches college or post-secondary training programs, there usually is a need to create an in-home caregiving system.

At Liberty Resources Home Choices we support people who are living with intellectual and physical disabilities by promoting the following rights:

  • Choosing caregivers personally
  • Deciding how and when to receive assistance
  • Engaging with preferred communities
  • Using reliable transportation
  • Accessing fair housing
  • Receiving in-home support
  • Feeling safe in the home

Because Liberty Resources Home Choices is partially run by people with disabilities, we both understand and actively support the attainment of these rights. In addition, we work in partnership with a variety of organizations that advance the rights of people with disabilities and their caregivers. This structure ensures all those involved with providing positive behavioral support and home care are working together for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Choose Options for Behavior Support That Fit Your Needs

Categorizing people with disabilities is close to impossible as there are so many different types of disabilities and health conditions. Additionally, as people grow older and attain new skills, their needs often change. We help determine what kind of behavioral support services are needed and go from there. At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we offer the following services:

Transitioning From School Services to Independent Adulthood

Families and people with disabilities often need help when it comes to setting up new, independent living arrangements and services. Assistance is required, but it’s also important that all involved honor the dignity and independence of each individual. Expertise is required for retrofitting or outfitting the home for safety and convenience or to assist with learning new hygiene and educational routines.

Accessing new resources also includes a learning curve, often involving transportation, geography, new people, and novel experiences. When people with disabilities and their families can make these transitions step by step, with compassionate assistance, they’re on their way to more independence.

Liberty Resources Home Choices Can Help

Liberty Resources Home Choices offers services in the Philadelphia metro area and Lehigh Valley. Our independent living philosophy incorporates a team of trusted caregivers who assist with the important work of building and maintaining an independent life for people with disabilities. All caregivers are screened before employment, and we take time to develop care plans that fit individual needs.

Backed by Liberty Resources, we are dedicated to helping seniors and those with disabilities by providing compassionate home care services and positive behavior support. Discover a new independent life with behavior support outside of school. Contact us today.

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