Seniors playing cardsCreating strong, healthy friendships is part of living a fulfilling life. For anyone looking for companionship and a way to connect with others in their community, social groups are available. Liberty Resources Home Choices serves the Philadelphia Metro area as part of the organization Liberty Resources. Find out more about us and the social groups available in the area.

Making Meaningful Relationships

Socialization is about more than just making new friends and meeting with the neighbors you love ­ – it positively impacts the mind and body. Some of the common health benefits associated with socializing and connecting with others include:

  • Sharpened memory and cognitive skills
  • Increased sense of happiness and purpose
  • Lowered risk for depression and dementia
  • Reduced loneliness
  • A higher quality of life

While these benefits can affect people of any age, it may not always be easy for seniors and individuals living with disabilities to stay actively engaged with friends and their community. As an organization committed to helping people retain agency over their own well-being, we’re proud to offer in-person and virtual social groups that support this mission.

Providing Ways to Stay Socially Connected

In addition to providing home care services, Liberty Resources Home Choices offers ways to help people gather. We understand there may be several obstacles that can prevent people from staying socially active, such as:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Mobility issues
  • Limited family assistance

While it’s certainly true that our caregivers provide valuable companionship inside your home, there are many ways to expand and maintain your social network beyond this scope. The groups organized by Liberty Resources Home Choices are for everyone in the community and are available in person and virtually, providing greater accessibility to the most vulnerable.

To find out when our social groups are held, get in touch with our organization. We can provide specific times, dates, and locations.

How Our Caregiving Services Can Help

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we offer in-home care services on an hourly or as-needed basis. By lending a hand with daily routines and activities, our caregivers support you in your pursuit of living a healthy, independent life in the comfort of your home. Here are some of the ways we can help you stay socially active:

  • Getting you ready: Does your virtual social group start soon? Our caregivers can assist you while you get set up with your group. From reminding you about when it starts to helping you get dressed for the event, there are many ways your assigned caregiver can help ensure you’re ready when it starts.
  • Transportation to and from events: You don’t have to feel isolated, disconnected, or out of touch due to a lack of transportation. If you are interested in an in-person group but are unable to drive yourself to the location, our caregivers are happy to help. As part of our home care services, we offer timely, reliable transportation.

Each service plan is personalized to the needs of the people we serve. The care plan is carefully created by our certified care managers in partnership with your physician and key members of your family. Your plan can encompass many services, including personal care tasks and lifestyle support. And our caregivers are diligently screened for competency, compassion, and integrity to ensure you’re matched with someone you truly trust.

Other Opportunities for Support and Engagement

Are you seeking other opportunities from Liberty Resources Home Choices? We also offer the following for members of our community:

  • Skills training classes
  • Accessible yoga sessions
  • Housing counseling services
  • Thrift shop
  • Food pantry

Several community events are organized by other groups throughout the area, and our caregivers can help you get to the activities you enjoy outside of the ones we’ve organized. Our transportation services extend to the local social and recreational activities you routinely participate in.

Get Started With Our Organization

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we believe everyone has the right to live independently and remain in control over their own lives. Our social groups and services support this value by helping seniors and people with disabilities connect with others in ways that suit their needs best. To learn more about us and when our in-person and virtual social groups are held for those living near Philadelphia and Allentown, PA, contact us today.