There is a growing need for caregivers in the United States, and this is considered an important issue for public health. Both professional caregivers and those who informally care for family members can find multiple benefits in this compassionate work. Liberty Resources Home Choices offers family caregivers the opportunity for employment while still caring for their loved ones in the Philadelphia metro area and eastern Pennsylvania. We uphold a mission and vision dedicated to helping everyone live independently in their own home with trusted caregivers.

Fulfilling Careers in Home Care

Professional caregivers at Liberty Resources Home Choices receive many rewards outside of their pay and job benefits. Giving to others is at the core of this work. The people we serve are primarily people with disabilities and seniors, individuals who may not have the agency to advocate for themselves otherwise.

Although those in your care are likely to express frequent gratitude for your assistance, there is also a sense of personal fulfillment that can be found in helping these individuals live independently at home. As a caregiver, you can increase your own sense of well-being, while providing crucial lifestyle support. Family members who provide home care for their loved ones bring comforting familiarity and personal knowledge to this life-affirming work.

Learn New Skills

Advanced training and certifications propel caregiver careers. Learn the best ways to care for people with disabilities and seniors and become familiar with important concepts related to independent living that guide our services. The longer you serve as a caregiver, the more you will expand your knowledge base about all the various domestic aspects of the role, including best practices for housecleaning, cooking, hygiene, teaching life skills, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Enjoy Flexible Work Schedules

Caregivers can work around the clock, and that means there are a variety of shifts available. Everyone is different: some like weekend work, many prefer evenings, and others choose day shifts. At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we offer hourly care and respite care, both of which can provide a varied schedule for caregivers. In addition, working as a caregiver usually means being part of a supportive team that shares duties and information.

Meet Many Different People

People are diverse in so many ways. They come from unique backgrounds and geographic areas, attend school to study a variety of subjects, and work many types of jobs.

Individuals are challenged in different ways, as well, including mentally, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. They may be working to maintain their health along with a chronic illness. They may have a large family living around them, or they may live in isolation. They are readers, musicians, knitters, crossword puzzle solvers, swimmers, and gardeners.

A career in direct care is an opportunity to meet many people, become exposed to new ideas, participate in other cultural traditions, and expand your horizons. Although other occupations provide opportunities to encounter diversity, few are as personal as caregiving.

Caregiver Benefits at Liberty Resources Home Choices

As important as personal and professional growth is when deciding on a career path, receiving a decent salary and other benefits matters, too. Those interested in direct care worker positions at Liberty Resources Home Choices will find roles come with many professional benefits, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Access to wellness programs
  • Paid time off
  • Paid overtime
  • Appreciation events

We serve people with disabilities and seniors in the Philadelphia metro area, with a focus on supporting personal choice, independent living, and dignity.

Opportunities for Employment in Direct Care

If you are interested in a caregiver career or are already providing these services for someone in your family or neighborhood, consider working with Liberty Resources Home Choices. We employ people with disabilities and actively promote our values in civil rights, affordable housing, and accessibility. The nonprofit organization, Liberty Resources, is our parent company, and we share a mission and vision for providing independent living services in the Philadelphia metro area and eastern Pennsylvania. Contact us for more information on services or to find out about careers with us.

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