There are few more rewarding careers than being an in-home care provider and helping people who live with disabilities and seniors maintain their independence. Being able to stay at home, close to supportive relatives and friends, often makes a big difference in the lives of senior citizens. Similarly, when people living with disabilities can actively choose their residence and social experiences, it improves the lives of a sizable segment of our society.

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we are dedicated to providing home care services that honor the dignity and independence of each individual. Discover who we serve in the Philadelphia metro area with our compassionate direct care workers, including licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and personal care attendants.

Make Your Career in Home Care

If you are interested in helping community members live more productive, independent lives, consider careers in home care. If you are already caring for a loved one at home, there may be practical benefits to joining the team at Liberty Resources Home Choices.

Especially when assisting those who are largely homebound, caregiving can be isolating. There are a variety of resources and support available to caregivers for people with disabilities, including choosing to join a home health agency, such as Liberty Resources Home Choices. We are dedicated to serving the needs of people who live with intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as seniors.

Direct care workers at Liberty Resources Home Choices and other in-home caregivers assist diverse groups of people to live more independently. Some types of people you may serve as an in-home care provider include:

People with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

The decline of memory can cause confusion and disorientation but continuing to live in familiar surroundings can be of benefit. Direct care workers can help people living with memory loss keep on a medication schedule, get to appointments on time, and eat regular meals. With supervision, many seniors and others experiencing symptoms of dementia can safely live at home.

Adults With Disabilities

There are many different types of disabilities, both intellectual and physical. Our direct care workers are oriented to the independent living movement, which promotes personal choice. Adults with disabilities can select their own caregivers, participate in social groups, use transportation resources, and exercise rights to fair housing. With the help and guidance of caregivers, people living with disabilities can receive support in a safe, independent environment.


Not all seniors have memory problems, but chronic medical conditions or physical weakness can sometimes constrict lifestyles. To help them continue to live independently at home, direct care workers can help these community members with in-home care services, including:

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Toileting, bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Laundry and other light housekeeping
  • Exercising and getting outside
  • General mobility

Assistance for Family Caregivers

Another way caregivers help a wide variety of people with disabilities and seniors is by providing respite care. When family caregivers try to provide all the needed care themselves, it can lead to burnout. It can also negatively affect their work and personal life.

With respite care services, these family caregivers can get a break from in-home care duties. This helps family members maintain the motivation required to continue providing care to their loved ones and can prevent the adverse effects of inadequate rest, such as getting frustrated with the person in need of care.

Discover a New Career With Liberty Resources Home Choices

Serving people with disabilities and seniors in the Philadelphia metro and eastern Pennsylvania areas, Liberty Resources Home Choices offers opportunities for them to live independently with support. Whether you want to work with these diverse community members or get crucial support as you care for your loved one at home, we can help. Our goal is to provide a way for seniors and people with disabilities to be productive and for caregivers to contribute, ultimately building happier lives. Contact us today.

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