Experienced caregivers understand that their job is not always smooth or easy. Sometimes, people experience anxiety, resist needed assistance, or behave aggressively. By treating all individuals in our care with empathy and respect, Liberty Resources Home Choices has developed a few tips for handling aggressive and anxious patients.

As a home-care agency, Liberty Resources Home Choices assists people with disabilities and seniors. Our mission and vision are to support independent living for these groups throughout the Philadelphia Metro area and in Eastern Pennsylvania. Here, we provide the best tips for calming and reassuring an anxious patient.

How Can Caregivers Navigate Challenging Behaviors?

The caregivers at Liberty Resources Home Choices provide a wide variety of services, including personal care, lifestyle support, respite care, hourly care, social groups, skills training classes, and homemaking chores. Through these experiences, we have witnessed situations when people with disabilities and seniors in our care became confused and anxious.

We find that paying close attention to the developing situation is key. Through careful observation and awareness, you can alleviate concerns and calm the agitated patient before the situation intensifies.

Be Aware of Triggers for Aggressive, Resistant, and Anxious Behaviors

Our in-home caregivers find that some environments contribute to anxious and aggressive patient behaviors. It is important to notice these types of triggers, as this can help to avoid harmful or dangerous situations. Some common triggers include:

  • Bright lights and moving light displays
  • Loud noises, including music
  • Large crowds or limited personal space
  • Interactions with new or unknown individuals

We also recommend that caregivers pay attention to possible causes of discomfort, which can lead to agitation, including:

  • Hunger and thirst
  • Pain
  • Constipation
  • Full bladder
  • Fatigue
  • Skin irritations
  • Heat or cold
  • Infections
  • Difficulty hearing

Tips for Calming and Reassuring an Anxious Patient

Both the types of triggers and methods for calming and reassuring are unique to each patient. When you become familiar with those under your care, this knowledge can help you develop strategies for navigating unsafe situations. Liberty Resources Home Choices has gathered these helpful tips:

  • Remain calm and try to set a positive mood
  • Lower expectations
  • Release judgments and remain neutral
  • Engage in conversation and listen empathetically
  • Suggest going outside or getting some exercise, if possible
  • Play music that the patient enjoys
  • Avoid arguing, don’t raise your voice or criticize
  • Practice distraction and try to redirect attention
  • Utilize creative activities, such as favorite arts and crafts projects
  • Whenever possible, shake it off and let everyone forget about the occurrence
  • Set boundaries and get help if you need it

For caregivers in the Philadelphia Metro and Eastern Pennsylvania area, Liberty Resources Home Choices provides services that are helpful for both caregivers and those receiving assistance. We offer skills training classes and peer support groups for seniors and people with disabilities. Learning new skills that help people develop more control over decisions and lifestyle preferences may help reduce incidences of resistance or anxiety.

Our training programs help people practice self-advocacy, learn consumer rights and responsibilities, and increase financial literacy. We also help teach people with disabilities and seniors how to use public transportation, as well as nutrition and cooking skills.

Liberty Resources Home Choices also offers respite care services. That is a great way to support family caregivers and their loved ones by providing a break from routine. Sometimes, time apart can help decrease tensions and smooth disagreements.

We Can Help You Handle Anxious and Aggressive Behaviors

Liberty Resources Home Choices is available to help people with disabilities and seniors, as well as their caregivers. With an emphasis on patient care and compassionate services, we can provide reliable, positive, and fulfilling home care. For more information about how to handle aggressive or anxious patients, contact us today.

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