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With a history of positive impact within the community, Liberty Resources Home Choices is focused on supporting independent living through our team of trusted caregivers. From people living with intellectual and physical disabilities to seniors, our home-care agency caters to a diverse range of needs. Learn more about our mission and vision for the services we provide throughout the Philadelphia metro area.

Service With Purpose

Our mission is to help people who cannot help themselves. Deeply rooted in the independent living movement, the power of choice is at the heart of everything we do. This means that our home-care agency is dedicated to your right to the following:

  • Selecting your caregivers
  • Choosing how and when to receive assistance
  • Staying engaged with your community
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • In-home safety and support
  • Fair housing rights

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we believe that independence means being in control of your decisions, and access to in-home care supports this value. Whether you only need a little help to continue living at home or around-the-clock personal assistance, our goal is to enable you to reach the best possible outcome while remaining in control over your daily routine and choices.

Our Organization

Liberty Resources Home Choices is backed by Liberty Resources, Inc., the primary Center for Independent Living in the Philadelphia area. Our parent organization advocates for individuals to ensure equal access to all aspects of life within the community. Liberty Resources Home Choices takes this mission a step further and brings it into the homes of aging adults and people with intellectual and physical disabilities, ensuring everyone has the support they need to live safely and comfortably.

Liberty Resources Home Choices is partially run by people with disabilities. We proudly partner with the following organizations to support independent living and home care workers:

We serve most of Eastern Pennsylvania and continually screen job applicants beyond current demand to ensure a fast caregiver referral process. Our employees enjoy several benefits with our organization, including flexible scheduling and healthcare. We’re fully bonded, insured, and committed to supporting our employees throughout their careers with us.

Creating an In-Home Caregiving System

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we understand you may have unique needs and personal preferences. To foster positive outcomes, our caregivers are dedicated to building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our non-medical home care services can be scheduled hourly or on an as-needed basis 24/7 and they include the following:

For your safety, our caregivers are carefully screened before employment, and each care plan is crafted to suit your needs. While we make every effort to create an ideal match, the choice is ultimately up to you – if ever you feel that a caregiver isn’t a good fit, a replacement is provided as soon as possible.

Strengthening Your Community Network

Our reach spans well beyond in-home care, allowing Liberty Resources Home Choices to better serve the most vulnerable within our community. Some of the additional services we offer include the following:

  • Food pantry and thrift shop
  • Reliable transportation
  • Housing counseling services
  • In-person and virtual social groups
  • Skills training classes
  • Accessible yoga

Liberty Resources Home Choices also can help you transition from a nursing home into a residential setting, outfit or retrofit your home for safety, and ensure access to handicap showers.

Reach Out to Liberty Resources Home Choices Today

Our mission is to serve you – let us help you feel empowered over your life and the decisions you make each day. With decades of experience advocating for civil rights, affordable housing, and accessibility, Liberty Resources Home Choices is a trusted partner for seniors and people with disabilities. Our offices are in Philadelphia and Allentown, PA. Contact us for more information about our organization and caregivers or to schedule a consultation with a member of our Enrollment Team.