Caregiver cleaning table with senior in the backgroundEveryone needs a little help sometimes, but some need it more than others. Those with intellectual and developmental disabilities may be unable to perform a wide range of everyday tasks, and it’s important that they receive the support they deserve. This may require more than the general attention and companionship that a caregiver provides, which is why homemaking services are often necessary. At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we help those in the Philadelphia metro area live as safely, comfortably, and independently as possible in their homes.

Why Homemaking Services Matter

There’s a lot that needs to be done around the house. Whether you’re trying to keep it spotless for family and guests or just want to ensure your surfaces are free of harmful bacteria, consistent upkeep is necessary. For people with injuries or disabilities, home care services are often required to maintain a tidy house.

Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that affect their physical, learning, language, or behavior have special household requirements. Those who cannot clean by themselves need assistance to maintain well-organized spaces. It’s also especially important that the home remains sanitary to help stop the spread of germs. With certain conditions, it can also be difficult for individuals to maneuver safely in their homes if precautions aren’t taken. To prevent slips, falls, and injuries, caregivers providing homemaker services pay special attention to areas that may be passed over by the untrained eye.

Our In-Home Chore Services

Through the state’s Office of Developmental Programs, the caregivers at Liberty Resources Home Choices provide dependable and thorough home care services to help those who need it most. We’re proud to serve the most vulnerable in our area, offering behavioral support, community participation assistance, and companionship, as well as homemaking services.

While Liberty Resources Home Choices is not a full-service cleaning company, our caregivers can help an occupant maintain a residence that’s clean, sanitary, and safe. Our caregivers treat every case differently, tending to the unique needs of the individual rather than working from a basic, standardized checklist. Our housekeeping services encompass a wide range of duties, including the following:

  • Putting away groceries
  • Changing the bedspread
  • Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming
  • Cleaning countertops and stoves
  • Washing windows and walls
  • Tacking down loose rugs and tiles
  • Moving larger or heavy items, providing safe access and egress
  • Removing snow, ice, and leaves
  • Taking out the trash
  • Handling yard maintenance

Liberty Resources Home Choices employs detail-oriented caregivers and certified care managers who help craft plans around individual needs. If certain services can be managed by you or your loved one, our team will focus on other areas. The end goal is to make sure that those with intellectual and developmental disabilities get the assistance they need with compassion and without taking away their sense of independence.

Who Qualifies for Disability Homemaking Services?

Many individuals with disabilities or severe injuries can benefit from the homemaking support and other personal care services offered by Liberty Resources Home Choices. Please review the guidelines from the state Office of Developmental Programs within the Department of Human Services to ensure you or your loved one qualifies.

If eligible, you can select a Supports Coordinator or have one assigned to you. The Supports Coordinator will help you find the services you need and prepare a personalized care plan. They’ll also help you meet with individuals or agencies within your community that can offer additional assistance, such as our:

Eligibility is determined by the local County Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (MH/ID) Program. The individual must be diagnosed with an intellectual disability based on the results of objective standardized testing. The diagnosis requires the individual to be significantly below average in their general intelligence and ability to function in daily life. It’s helpful to bring documentation that supports your case, including medical, school, and psychological records.

Get the In-Home Assistance You Need Today

If you or a loved one needs help around the house, homemaking services for the disabled can provide a welcome reprieve from everyday tasks. And when these chores simply can’t be done by an individual at all, support is necessary to maintain a comfortable, healthy place to live. The Office of Developmental Programs and Liberty Resources Home Choices are here to work through these difficult situations, providing household care to those in need throughout the community.

Liberty Resources Home Choices’ offices are in Philadelphia and Allentown, PA, and our Enrollment Team is ready to match you up with highly trained professionals. If you or someone you know could benefit from snow removal, window cleaning, or any other chore service, partner with our organization. As part of Liberty Resources, Inc., we’ve been helping people maintain the power of choice for decades. Contact us to learn more information or to get the process started.