Whether it is because of age or certain medical conditions, not everyone can go about their daily lives without assistance. From getting help with groceries to needing a hand with things around the house, those who cannot do it alone rely on caregivers to help them manage day-to-day life. Caregivers share a special bond with those they serve and enjoy a rewarding career that they can be proud of.

Liberty Resources Home Choices offers home care services for seniors and those with disabilities in the Philadelphia, PA, metro area and through our office in Allentown, PA. Let’s examine what makes a career as a caregiver with our organization worth looking into.

What Is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who offers everyday support to assist people in need. Even those who provide day-to-day help for a family member or friend are considered caregivers. Whether the individual warrants short-term assistance or is struggling due to long-term limitations, caregivers are relied upon when help is necessary. They can be requested because an illness, injury, or disability requires consistent care or because of the individual’s age-related risks.

Caregivers not only help those they work with, but they can also help family members or medical professionals. Because caregivers spend so much time with the individuals they serve, they’re often relied upon to help convey important information. They may assist doctors with medical questions during appointments and help family members know how their loved one is doing. Whether the assistance is for someone the caregiver knows personally or was hired to assist, these careers allow them to develop close relationships that can be mutually rewarding.

Common Caregiving Responsibilities

Unlike those who work in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities, an in-home caregiver’s duties can include everything from tending to household chores to providing medication reminders and everything in between. Here is a list of some daily tasks caregivers can expect to take on:

Personal Care and Hygiene

If mobility, flexibility, or strength is an issue, caregivers will be relied upon to help with personal needs. This can start in the early morning, helping them get out of bed and get dressed. Personal care also extends to bathing, combing hair, and cleaning up after any sickness.

Cooking and Feeding

Caregivers are often tasked with making and serving meals. Because individuals often have dietary restrictions due to health conditions or medications, caregivers must take special considerations when creating a nutrition plan that suits their needs. Grocery shopping may also be necessary if the person is unable to drive or leave the home.


In some cases, the house itself will need attention. Those unable to take care of things around the home rely on their caregivers to manage everyday cleaning and handle basic organizational tasks. From replacing light bulbs and unclogging the toilets to cleaning dishes and vacuuming, keeping the home in good condition helps the individual feel safer and more comfortable.

Medical Assistance

Whether they need help knowing which medications to take when or when to refill prescriptions, keeping tabs on medications is paramount for a caregiver. Their jobs may also include medical advocacy if looking after a loved one. Between making appointments and reviewing insurance paperwork, a dependable caregiver is an important part of a patient’s health journey.


Those needing daily in-home care often cannot drive. Helping them get to medical appointments, enjoy social events, or just spend some time away from the house is something caregivers can expect to do on a regular basis.


Many seniors and people with disabilities must find new ways to remain emotionally engaged and socially involved in the community – and that’s what makes having a compassionate and friendly caregiver so important. Companionship can have a bigger impact than many people realize. Lending an ear helps people vent or relive fond memories. And knowing that they have a special relationship with their caregiver gives them one more reason to fight illnesses, work through rehabilitation, and persevere in other meaningful ways.

Become a Caregiver Today

Those who are already caring for a family member or a friend and are interested in becoming a professional caregiver should reach out to Liberty Resources Home Choices, a division of Liberty Resources, Inc. Our home care agency has locations in Philadelphia and Allentown, PA, and nearly half of our staff are individuals with disabilities, allowing them to better serve people with similar circumstances. If you’re looking for a position as a caregiver or need help transitioning from a nursing home to a home setting, contact us today.

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