Everyone needs a break sometimes — this statement is especially true for caregivers. Those caring for loved ones spend their days (and often nights) assisting those who need it most, whether it’s a senior parent or someone with a disability or severe injury. Liberty Resources Home Choices offers critical in-home care services to seniors and people with disabilities in the Philadelphia Metro area or around Allentown, PA. Here, we discuss why respite care matters.

What Is Respite Care?

People rely on their caregivers to aid them with many tasks, from cooking meals and completing household chores to getting in and out of the bed or tub. However, even caregivers need help sometimes, which is why respite care is so important. Respite care allows caregivers to take time off when they need it. It can be for a few hours on a single day, an entire day, several days, or even a week or two.

Respite care comes in a few forms. For individuals caring for those whose condition requires them to stay home, at-home respite care workers will come to you. These caregivers are trained in all aspects of personal care, so they can help those who need assistance getting out of bed, getting dressed, eating, managing medications, and moving around their homes.

If you need longer-term respite care and the person in your care can leave the house, you may find respite care at an assisted-living facility, adult day care center, or community center. These options provide constant care by trained professionals and assisted-living facilities can set them up with a private living space if an overnight stay is warranted. You may also consider this service if your loved one wants to spend more time socializing with others.

Why Should You Consider Respite Care?

While we all want to look after our loved ones, caregivers simply can’t be there 24/7. Some seniors or individuals with disabilities or injuries can manage life on their own rather easily, but those who are blind, have had a stroke or brain injury, or suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can require constant care. Caregivers may need a break for any number of reasons, including going to appointments, taking a vacation, or needing time off for work-related responsibilities.

While some may want to spend a few hours shopping or visiting their favorite restaurant, other caregivers may need time away due to caregiver burnout. This refers to a mix of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that comes from providing care day and night. The following are signs a caregiver is experiencing burnout:

Changes in Attitude

Throughout a given day, caregivers suffering from burnout might switch from a cheerful demeanor to a negative attitude. This may include displaying a lack of concern in areas that normally bring interest or attentiveness.

Antisocial Behavior

If it seems the caregiver doesn’t spend as much time around friends and family, they may benefit from respite care. Not wanting to see or talk to those close to them is a sign that something may be wrong.

Sadness and Depression

If the caregiver seems distraught or hopeless, it’s best to consider a helping hand. Caregiver burnout can even be accompanied by feelings of wanting to hurt oneself or the person in their care. In these cases, emergency respite care should be considered.

Bodily Changes

Caregivers who experience changes in sleep patterns, weight, or appetite should contemplate a break from their duties. Often, they may even become sick more frequently, which will also cause their abilities as a caregiver to suffer.

Because caregivers can feel guilty leaving their loved ones alone or in the care of others, they often overextend themselves, which can be very damaging for both the caregiver and their loved one. Whether you are new and unprepared for the task, are struggling to bond the way you first imagined, or are facing unreasonable standards about the kind of care you can provide, there are many instances when respite care can be the ideal solution.

Find the Respite Care You Need

If you suspect you or another caregiver may be experiencing caregiver burnout or just needing some time off, consider reaching out to Liberty Resources Home Choices. We offer trusted and highly trained respite care professionals to those in and around the Philadelphia metro area and Allentown, PA. Our respite care workers can assist with a wide selection of in-home caregiving services and will consult with the individual and their families to create a custom care plan. Liberty Resources Home Choices even offers emergency respite arrangements should the need arise. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule respite care.

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