Having friends and social groups is necessary at any age. But it’s an especially important component of senior care since strong social ties can support health and independence in older adults. Here, Liberty Resources Home Choices offers information about why senior social groups are so important to elderly care. Serving individuals in Allentown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Liberty Resources Home Choices helps older adults connect with social groups and support services.

Health Benefits of Senior Social Groups

Loneliness and isolation can be detrimental to seniors. Seniors who experience loneliness and isolation have four times the increased risk of death from heart failure and a 68% increased risk of hospitalization for the same disease. They also had a 32% increased chance of stroke.

There are major health benefits associated with elderly social groups. Some of these advantages include:

Reduced Stress

Seniors who engage in routine social activities are more skilled at managing stress, which can help regulate the nervous system and improve their immune and cardiovascular health.

Increased Activity Level

Older adults with more social groups are more likely to engage in physical activity and exercise, whether through walking, yoga, light sport, or other activities. These group activities can lead to a host of positive benefits for the mental, physical, and psychological well-being of seniors.

Reduced Risk of Depression and Mental Fatigue

Senior citizens who continually participate in social groups have a reduced incidence of depression, anxiety, and other mental health diseases that may stem from isolation and lack of contact with peers.

It is important for seniors to participate in community activities and social groups. This can mean joining a bingo group or taking skills training classes such as American Sign Language, financial management, or cooking and nutrition. Participation in social groups helps create strong bonds and lasting friendships. Family and friends should encourage older adults to participate in such events and socializations as part of their senior care.

Cognitive Benefits of Senior Social Groups

The cognitive health of seniors can also improve with more frequent social visits and friendly group interactions. Older adults who experience more isolation are 50% more likely to develop dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other forms of reduced cognitive ability. Social activities like games, puzzles, art, and group singing can help maintain cognitive capabilities and a sharp mind. Regular home visits from direct caregivers can also keep the elderly active and engaged.

Getting Personal Elderly Care

Some older adults need one-on-one support to help them stay healthy and maintain their independence. A direct caregiver can help a senior stay socially engaged and provide similar health benefits to social groups through services that include:

Lifestyle Support

Lifestyle support can be scheduled as needed or regularly several times a week. This service can help seniors with meal preparation, exercise, and physical activity within the comfort of their homes. This can encourage a feeling of independence and dignity to maintain their daily lives and routines.

Personal Care

Seniors who receive personal care support can get help with daily activities such as bathing, toileting, laundry, and grocery shopping. This assistance and interaction can provide a tremendous boost to a senior’s mental and physical health and self-esteem. The caregiver can also help the elderly or disabled person get to doctor appointments and social engagements, both of which are beneficial to their well-being.

One-on-one home services can complement a senior’s civic and community engagement or offer critical support when participating in social activities is not an option.

Participate in Senior Social Groups with Liberty Resources Home Choices

There is a wealth of studies showing how senior social groups help the elderly maintain not just longer, but more fulfilling lives filled with friends and engaging networks. At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we offer a wide variety of in-home services and social groups to help the elderly create a community in the Philadelphia metro area and the Lehigh Valley. To find out more about the services we provide, contact us today.

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