Taking on the responsibility of being a family caregiver is never an easy task. Caregivers for seniors can be spouses, partners, adult children, parents, or other relatives. No matter what the relationship is, no one is ever fully ready to be a family caregiver. However, there are still things you can do to better prepare yourself.

Liberty Resources Home Choices provides in-home assistance for seniors and people with disabilities in the Philadelphia metro area and eastern Pennsylvania. Here, we discuss what family caregivers need to know before taking on this responsibility.

The Role of Caregiver

Putting it simply, the role of a family caregiver entails providing care to an aging family member or a loved one who can no longer safely care for themselves. The different services a caregiver provides depend on the needs of their family member. Common duties of a family caregiver can include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Household chores
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Aid with mobility
  • Medical monitoring
  • Hygiene care
  • Help with physical exercise

What Caregivers for Seniors Need to Know

It’s common for even the most experienced caregivers to become overwhelmed at times. Knowing common challenges can help you and the rest of your family become better equipped to overcome them. Here’s what you should know as you prepare to undergo your family caregiver duties:

Remember That You Cannot Be Perfect

When it comes to caring for a family member or a loved one, we want to always be perfect. Unfortunately, like in all aspects of life, perfection is not realistic. You need to understand that you are going to make mistakes, and you need to be patient with yourself. The more visibly frustrated you are with yourself, the more frustrated your loved one may become. As a family caregiver, it’s important to have a discussion with other members of your family and set realistic expectations for yourself. Take the time to discover which tasks you can perform for the care receiver and which ones you need help completing.

Understand That It’s OK to Ask for Help

One of the most common challenges family caregivers face is feeling like they can’t ask for help themselves. Failing to ask for help when needed and becoming overworked can put you at a higher risk of developing health problems. Don’t be ashamed to ask other family members for help if you begin to feel like you’re taking on too much alone.

Make Time for Yourself

With most of your time spent caring for a loved one, it can be easy to forget to also focus on yourself. This can lead to feelings of depression and isolation. Make it a point to still make time for yourself and engage in activities that you enjoy.

Senior Care and More at Liberty Resources Home Choices

As you prepare to be a caregiver for a family member, it’s important to know you’re not in this alone. There are several resources you can use to help ease your burden. Caregivers for seniors who feel like they need a break can take advantage of the respite care services offered at Liberty Resources Home Choices. Located in Philadelphia and Allentown, PA, our respite care is intended to give family caregivers a temporary break, while the person living with disabilities continues to receive the support they need.

People in the Philadelphia metro area, as well as eastern Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Lancaster, and the Greater Lehigh Valley, who are interested in learning more about our services should contact us today.

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