Community Food PantryIf you or a loved one needs greater access to clothing, goods, and nutritious food, Liberty Resources Home Choices can assist. Our organization provides in-home and community support through a variety of home care services. This extends to our on-site thrift shop and food pantry in the Philadelphia office, as well as our meal delivery service to households throughout the vicinity. Learn more about us and our personalized resources for seniors and people living with disabilities.

Browse Our Thrift Shop

Individuals who are living at a lower income level and bargain shoppers looking for a way to support their community can visit the Liberty Resources Home Choices thrift store for quality goods and accessories. Shoppers can get what they need at affordable prices and receive assistance from our dedicated team as they peruse what’s in stock.

Led by our staff coordinator, Domonique Howell, the thrift store is volunteer-run and operated by a team of caring individuals. All the proceeds we receive from the store go directly back into the community, aiding in nursing home transitions and helping disabled individuals and seniors in the area. Depending on current availability, our thrift store routinely houses a wide variety of goods, such as:

  • Men’s and women’s clothing
  • Shoes and boots
  • Children’s items
  • Accessories

Donations are greatly appreciated. Please ask one of our team members for updated donation guidelines.

Please note: Our thrift shop is currently closed to the public. Please inquire within for updated information.

Find Groceries in Our Food Pantry

Nutrition plays an important role in the health and well-being of everyone in our community. At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we know how important it is to have access to healthy, delicious meals. Minimizing food insecurity for aging and disabled people across the region, we are proud to offer an on-site food pantry. Our food bank offers a wide variety of fresh and shelf-stable groceries, and our team is available to answer questions about the current items in stock.

Our community food bank is committed to providing quality food and personal choice, and our breakfast, lunch, and dinner options support a diverse range of tastes and dietary needs. Consumers can browse our selection firsthand with their caregivers or family members, finding foods they will look forward to eating in the comfort of their own homes.

Please note: Our food pantry is currently closed to the public. Please inquire within for updated information.

Get Meals Delivered to Your Door

If you need meals delivered to your home temporarily or on a routine basis, Liberty Resources Home Choices can help. We offer a reliable meal-delivery service for individuals across the Philadelphia area. This service is offered monthly, providing tasty, high-quality meals for your household. Disabled individuals, seniors, and caregivers can reach out to our team for information on how to enroll in this program.

About Liberty Resources Home Choices

The thrift store and food pantry are operated with our mission at heart – to support healthy, independent living for our most vulnerable neighbors. Part of Liberty Resources Inc., Liberty Resources Home Choices is a non-profit, consumer-controlled organization that caters to the needs of aging adults and people living with disabilities. We recognize there is a wide range of needs in our community, and our caregivers provide in-home services, such as personal care and lifestyle support. Social groups, skills training classes, and accessible yoga also are available.

The food pantry and thrift shop are in our office building:

Liberty Resources Home Choices
112 N 8th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone Number: 267-765-1550

Hours of Operation

Ask our team for more information.

The Liberty Resources Home Choices thrift shop and food pantry aren’t the only resources provided in the area. Our parent organization also details several additional community programs on their website that you and your loved ones also may find helpful.

Learn More About Our Food Bank and Thrift Store

In partnership with Liberty Resources Home Choices, the power to choose is in your hands. The personnel in our office can let you know what’s currently available in our thrift shop and food pantry and help you sign up for our meal-delivery services in the Philadelphia Metro area. Contact us today.