For aging seniors and anyone with disabilities, the nighttime can pose many challenges. For one, family caregivers may not be available to assist their loved ones at this time. In these cases, patients rely on the caregiver services and quality care provided by overnight caregivers.

The position of overnight caregiver still involves tending to the needs of an individual who struggles to care for themselves but differs slightly from other caregiving roles. Here, Liberty Resources Home Choices explores the unique duties of an overnight caregiver and what you need to know if interested in the profession.

Overnight Caregiver Duties

There are several reasons why an individual would require overnight care. Seniors who have recently been discharged from the hospital tend to require constant supervision, even throughout the night. In some cases, elderly patients are ordered to remain on bed rest by their primary physician due to an illness or chronic condition, necessitating overnight care. Anyone who is wheelchair-bound can benefit from overnight care, as well. Additionally, overnight care is beneficial for seniors who show signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The exact duties an overnight caregiver performs depend on the needs of the patient and their medical history. Common responsibilities include:

Assistance Moving at Night

In the darkness of the night, moving around the home can be treacherous for elderly people. They can very easily trip or fall and severely injure themselves. Overnight caregivers lend a hand, helping seniors patrol their homes at night safely. This can involve walking up and down stairs, getting in and out of bed, or going to and from the bathroom at night.

Medication Reminders

Depending on a senior’s medical condition, they may be required to take medication throughout the night. Relying on an alarm can be risky. Overnight caregivers stay on top of this and make certain patients are awake and correctly taking their medication.

Light Housekeeping

While patients are asleep, overnight caregivers may be tasked with light housekeeping services. This can entail helping the aging senior maintain a tidy home and clear pathways to minimize the risk of tripping over belongings. Overnight caregivers might also be required to keep a patient’s home sanitary by regularly cleaning to help stop the spread of germs.

Food Preparation

Depending on how long the individual needing care sleeps, overnight caregivers could be asked to prepare breakfast. Caregivers will need to make sure the meals they serve are nutritious and adhere to a patient’s dietary restrictions.

Where Overnight Caregivers Are Different

While overnight caregivers provide much of the same services as regular direct care workers, the biggest difference is when their services are needed. As the name suggests, overnight caregivers are on duty throughout the night. As such, they are required to stay awake throughout the night at the aging senior’s home.

Become a Caregiver at Liberty Resources Home Choices

If you have a passion for helping others and making a difference in someone’s life, consider becoming a caregiver at Liberty Resources Home Choices. Our mission and vision are focused on supporting independent living for seniors and those with disabilities through our team of trusted caregivers.

We employ direct car workers in the Philadelphia metro area and throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Lancaster, and the Greater Lehigh Valley. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a caregiver should contact us today at Liberty Resources Home Choices.

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