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Home Care in the Philadelphia Metro Area

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a meaningful life in the comfort of their home. The independence of our patients has been our priority for over 40 years. We bring the power of choice to our patients and the opportunity to improve their quality of life through non-medical, compassionate, and reliable home care services and programs.

Located in the Philadelphia metro area as well as in Allentown, Harrisburg, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve seniors, individuals with chronic conditions, and those with physical and mental limitations. Our team, comprised of qualified caregivers, is dedicated to supporting patients and helping keep them in the community surrounded by what’s important to them.

Personal Care

As patients age, everyday tasks can become more challenging. This can force patients to have to make the difficult decision of leaving their homes for a safer environment. Liberty Resources Home Choices believes those who need assistance should receive the care they require while staying where they are.

We provide personal care for our patients, assisting them with bathing, grooming, dressing, mobility, and more. Maintaining the integrity and dignity of our patients is of the utmost importance to us. Our caregivers work to form trusting relationships to help make patients feel as comfortable as possible while in their care.

Homemaking Services

In many cases, patients want to live an independent life but need some assistance at home. That’s where Liberty Resources Home Choices steps in. We offer a wide range of services designed to make a patient’s life easier and more manageable, including light housekeeping. Our homemaking services create an appropriate environment for a patient that is organized, sanitized, and safe.

Respite Care

Many family members believe it is their responsibility to care for their loved ones when they are no longer able to care for themselves. We help support these family members with respite care. These services are designed to provide temporary relief for family members who have taken on the endeavor of caring for an ailing loved one. Liberty Resources Home Choices works with families to create a balanced plan allowing family caregivers the chance to handle other matters while the patient with disabilities continues to receive the care they need.

Other Home Care Services

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, we understand the need for quality care and the impact it can have on encouraging patients to live independently. We offer a variety of home care services and programs intended to accommodate all aspects of a patient’s life, including:

Different Than Other Home Care Agencies

Following the example set by our parent company, Liberty Resources, Liberty Resources Home Choices is a firm believer that all individuals, regardless of their medical condition, should have the opportunity to live in the community with dignity and independence.

Liberty Resources Home Choices stands out from other agencies because of the character and dedication of our team members. Our team members stand by our mission and take pleasure in helping others regain their independence. Other factors that make us different include:

Not only assisting people with disabilities but also employing them as well

Allowing patients and families to have input on their caregiver

Over 40 years of experience advocating for what we believe in, including civil rights, accessibility, affordable housing, and more

Offering housing counseling services and assisting with tenant/landlord issues as well as fair housing rights

Offering a monthly food pantry and thrift shop for patients to receive the supplies and goods they need

Providing services and programs that allow patients to remain in their community

Conducting in-person and virtual social groups to encourage patients to form healthy and meaningful relationships

Honoring and fulfilling a proud history of supporting the independent living movement


Hear from Liberty Resources Home Choices clients about their experience with our home care services:

Audrey S.


I can’t say enough good things about Home Choices. They helped me stay independent and stay in my home after my stroke.

Mary W.


Home Choices helped me pick a wonderful attendant based on my needs and care plan. Thank you Home Choices!

David P.


Home Choices understands that living on my own is important. They have resources to help me keep my independence.

Christal S.


There’s no other company or agency out there that looks out for their attendants like Liberty does.

Learn More About Our Home Care Services in the Philadelphia  Metro Area

At Liberty Resources Home Choices, your independence is our mission. With locations in the Philadelphia metro area as well as Allentown, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, we provide patients in need with compassionate and specialized home care services. For those seeking more information about our services and programs or to learn how to become a member of our team, simply contact us today.




Home Choices is proud to partner with the following organizations who support Independent Living and Home Care Workers.